Please note all of our sizes are our own and should not be compared to other brands or expected to fit similar to any other brands sizing we do have a gallery to compare but each shape and arrangement of buttons etc changes how each diaper fits so this is only for you to get a basic idea on if they will fit your size needs the comparisons are never exact due to how different various shapes and brands can fit on each baby.

At SUS we have tried very hard to come up with our own sizing so our diapers are all larger than typical when fully unsnapped but they all snap down smaller to fit a wider size range than most on the market. We did this because we want every diaper we create to fit longer so you get a lot of use out of them and they will last for the entire duration of each growth phase.

Micro (our version of preemie size)
Our micro size is made for little ones size 4 to 8lbs. These are very small so we only recommend these for baby's born significantly early.

Mini (our version of newborn size)
Our Mini is a little bigger than the average so it can fit small but can be used longer than typical newborn sizes so you get more value out of having them in your stash and can use them a while longer rather than them being so quickly outgrown.

Midsize™ (our version of a one size)
Our Midsize™ diaper is our most popular and most common size. Our Midsize™ is designed to fit a larger size range than most onesize diapers.

Mega (our version of an XL)
Our Mega is drastically larger than typical XL size it can fit down to about 25lbs when fully snapped down but unsnapped it can accommodate a small adult. 

Midway™ (Our version of potty training pants)
Our Midway training pants have side closure with 4 rows of snap options on both sides to make adjusting them easy so they can slip on and off or be fully unsnapped as need while your little one is learning to use the potty.


We have tried very hard to create a diverse and inclusive size range and hope this helps find what size you need. we also have comparison galleries in our facebook group albums found here


Micro - our version of preemie size fits approximately 4-8lbs

Mini - our version of Newborn size, fits approximately 6 - 20lbs

Midsize™ - our version of onesize, fits approximately 8 - 65+lbs

Mega - our version of XL, fits approximately 25 - 75+lbs and beyond

Midway™ - our version of trainer, fits approximately 25lbs to 75+