Our goal is to create beautiful and top quality products that do work. We strive to make our customers happy with everything we do. If you have an issue please contact us at sustainablesprinklescs@gmail.com we will get back to you as soon as possible and we are dedicated to providing excellent customer service.



We are a small family owned brand ran by a husband and wife (we have no employees or other staff) and we also have 6 children. We are always working and doing our best to get orders out quickly but life happens and shipping time fluctuates so typically we state orders may take up to 10 days for in-stock items only to ship though we strive to have them out much sooner.

Please read each item description carefully before purchasing, please use our sizing guides to ensure you are ordering the best size option for your child. We have our own cloth diaper sizing for all of our size options and they should not be compared to another brand as ours typically run bigger than most so you may end up buying your regular size from other brands only to find ours is to big.


Where do your items ship from?

We ship from our home in California. We ship Monday through Friday last pick up is 2pm due to living remotely. During holidays, restocks, and new launches, we can experience a delays but typically orders are shipped 10 days or less from when the order was placed.


Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we offer free shipping on all orders over $150 USD in the USA! We currently cannot afford to offer free shipping for international packages they cost us on average $35 to $55 USD to ship per order!

Please note free shipping is triggered once the purchase price is over the threshold if the order is showing $150 but still showing shipping fees its because your order is only over $150 because its charging shipping fees. To get free shipping the item total before tax and shipping must be $150.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do!


Do you combine orders?

Due to the volume of orders we receive we can not combine orders.


Can an order be changed?

We are unable to change a pre-order order after it has been placed.


Can an order be canceled?

*Pre-orders once in production cannot be canceled as we only make what gets purchased so the items bought were only made because they were ordered and so we are unable to cancel. If it's before production starts we may be able to cancel however there is a 15% or $5 whichever is greater fee per transaction to cover all costs as our payment fees do not get refunded when and order is canceled or refunded. Custom clothing items cannot be canceled as we don't buy extras and the item was made specifically for you.


Do you accept returns or exchanges?

We do accept returns for store credit only, however it depends on the reason for the return if it will be accepted or not. For returns or exchanges please reach out to sustainablesprinklescs@gmail.com to check if a return or exchange is possible.

Please note to exchanges will require additional shipping fees and you will need to return the items back to us before we ship the new item to you. Please also make sure you request a return form so we have all of the information when it arrives (we will send the file once we have determined if an exchange will be accepted) 


What payment methods are accepted?

We accept PayPal, Amazon Pay, Afterpay, Sezzle, Shop pay and all major credit cards. All payments paid by e-Check through PayPal must cleared in order for your order to be fulfilled.


Coupon Codes

All coupon codes must be rendered at checkout. One coupon code per transaction. You cannot stack multiple coupons or combine them in a single transaction. Coupon codes are only valid at checkout and we cannot price adjust orders to add coupons once the order has been placed.


If you have any questions, suggestions or need anything else please reach out and let us know at sustainablesprinklescs@gmail.com